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Property Details Sheet
Printed On: 18 December 2014

Naama Bay

Residential complexes easy access and walking distance to Naama Bay city centre a great area to be near the action, bars, clubs, restaurants, Hard rock Café, Little Budhah, Mac Donalds, Star Bucks, Le Pacha night Club, Pizza Hut, school, supermarket, and night life. Potential for rentals for holiday makers and long term rent, limited parking , no beach access and the nearest beach is 10 minutes drive to the old market (with fees).

Naama Bay

Properties in Naama Bay

Apartment (SS 30)
48 sqm, 1 Bed Rooms,
Garden view
Apartment (SS 42)
66 sqm, 1 Bed Rooms,
Apartment (SS 48)
120 sqm, 2 Bed Rooms,
Furnished, Garden view
Apartment (SS 55)
97 sqm, 2 Bed Rooms,
Furnished, Pool View
Apartment (SS 57)
120 sqm, 3 Bed Rooms,
Apartment (SS 58)
120 sqm, 2 Bed Rooms,
Apartment (SS 76)
142 sqm, 3 Bed Rooms,

Apartment (SS 96)
278 sqm, 4 Bed Rooms,
Garden view